Please please please

please stop dragging me down
please stop acting like you care , since i know you actually don't
please understand that i hate it when you ask me to be perfect
please avoid talking bout me behind my back , after nicely giving me a fake fake smile
please just give me time , to take a nap on my warm bed
please tell me that i am precious --- even just a little bit
please stop asking me to do my best , cause it sounds like i have never done something well before
please help me removing the clouds above my head
please be by my side although i say i'd be better off without you
please please please understand that it really really hurts to be backstabbed
please stop labeling me as a cheerful person , since it makes me a lil bit troubled to show my sorrow -- whenever i need
please know that i need your support even though i'm laughing loud expressing joy
please , never ever promise me to stay , if you will only stand temporarily
please don't advise me to stop escaping , since it's the only way to survive from all those destruction
please know that i'm tired of experiencing infidelity
please let me growing up normally , with no burdens all along
please stop giving me such a moral speech , i get so tired of closing my ears tightly
please stop making me wasting my money on tissue packs just to wipe the tears that i shed for you
please don't teach me what sacrifice is , i know it better even compared to your grandma
please understand , when i say i'm giving up it doesn't mean it's over already and i don't need your support anymore
please remember that i am a human , a human who feels
please stop talking about my mistakes that i regret
please stand by me
please keep in touch
besides , please stop giving me new troubles in every minutes hours and days of my life
please , stop making me say please