sebuah percakapan

sebuah percakapan yang nggak tau kenapa nyentuh banget buat aku :B
stunning. berasa dalem banget.
dalem, padahal yang ngomong juga orang yang aku enggak kenal. bahkan orang yang nggak bener bener ada, karena semuanya cuma dialog film serial di channel Starworld, yang secara kebetulan aku tonton gara gara nggak ada kerjaan. yang sampe aku hafalin episode yang mana, sampe aku bela belain tonton siaran ulangnya, direkam, terus diketik ulang buat post di blog.
tetep berasa dalem, walau aku tau cuma skenario.

(A conversation between Jules and Greyson after having fight for a case that actually, was not a big thing.)

Greyson: I think you're getting too emotional now, so I think we should just.. chill and relax and.. you know, stay away from deep conversation for a while

Jules: do you even think we're right for each other?

Greyson: geez... thanks for listening :s

Jules: (kept talking) when a dove just see another dove that they want to marry.. poof! they're together for life. but with people, whether or not they last, it's all about compatibality.
sometimes our talks just show me.. what a difference? I'm just an emotional person who wants to talk about every single feeling, and you're just a closed off, unexpressed robot

Greyson: well.. beebeep beebeep

Jules: Look.. I'm probably just being stupid. but.. sometimes it makes me really sad.

Greyson: I'm going upstairs. (*leaving jules)

(the day after)

Greyson: Jules, come with me. There's something I want you to see
(he took Jules to the yard, where all of their friends gathered)

Jules: did you bring me out here just to make a fun of me?

Greyson: no. well.. you know, I don't like sharing how I feel, especially in front of our dumbass gank. But I know it matters to you, so I invited them so they all hear me say... this.

Greyson: You're an idiot.
You worried that we're not alike enough to be together? one of my favorite things about us is how different we are. fact is, the couple that shares difference really works together. I mean, look at Andy and Ellie. Andy's favorite movie is Die Hard, and Ellie's just.. a drama queen.
I had been so afraid to say this. but all those ways, that make you different from me,, that's why I love you.

Greyson: I love you Jules :)

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