Love is just a word,
An emotion, an idea,
Now there’s nowhere left to run,
From this underlying fear,
I kept myself alive,
Through the hope the day might coming
But now all hope is gone,
My limbs are going numb,
So hate me now for all the things,
I never said and did,
You’re probably looking forward,
Of me to be rid,
So if it makes you feel better,
I’ll tear the pictures down,
For every picture you paint,
I will paint myself out,
I’ll drag that dreaded blade,
Deeper than before,
I’ll shield myself not from the pain,
Until my heart beats no more,
Now I’ll serenade you with my blood,
Reproaching evermore,
These open wounds will never heal,
But now it’s your blood splattered on the door.

#thanksoo salam bibir merah